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Another food blog?  Yes, we know; they’re a dime a dozen. In most cases we wouldn’t pay a dime for most of the garbage posted on the Web these days though.

After seeing a teenager styling her white bread sandwiches in the airline lounge for an Instagram moment, it struck us that maybe a relatively adult approach may be a unique addition to the scene.

Who are we? 

Dan‘s the man about town – Melbourne town, Australia, mostly. If you haven’t visited Melbourne and you’re a foodie, then add it to your list. Melbourne’s restaurant scene is something else – with cuisine from all over the globe and a lot of imagination too. If you’re not good in Melbourne, you’re not going to survive – though food trends do have an effect, sometimes for the worse. Thanks largely to Italian and Greek immigrants, Melbourne has the best coffee in the world outside Italy too – some would argue it’s even better. Don’t believe us? This is what Heston Blumenthal reckons: “I often have to explain to people that the best coffee you can get is in Australia.” (http://bit.ly/PsnfB8)

Tony spends his time between Bangkok, Koh Samui, Barcelona, and an airport somewhere or other. He’s watched the foodie scene grow from almost nothing in Singapore in 1997 to what it is now, for better or worse (mostly better), and is watching much the same evolution unfold in Bangkok today – exciting times. For a month or two a year a sojourn in Europe – predominantly Barcelona – provides a sanity check, as well as a few extra pounds around the waist.

About BrothersBites.com

This is not a restaurant review site, though we’re bound to mention the good ones as we go along. It’s about food. Cooking it at home. Eating out. Finding the best produce. Trying new things. In short: Living well. It is the best revenge after all.

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  1. Well you two are an interesting read ! Glad you have travelled. it expands the mind… and the palate.
    I look forward to further instalments.

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