World’s best beer snacks

Hi Tony,

It doesn’t seem to matter what country you visit, ok with a few exceptions, but a chilled frothy ale or lager can be found AND usually combined with some form of tasty, salted snack ultimately making you want more and another beer as well.

Japan is no different. No, not salted nuts, but rather boiled and salted soy beans. Edamame. For a moment you can even convince yourself of their nutritional worth. After all, they are merely boiled soy beans, right? If it wasn’t for the lashings of salt, I think you’d be safe.


I know you introduced me to tasty fried seaweed snacks from Korea, but we’ve tracked down ones with tempura on one side. So much fried, salty seaweed goodness. Makes me want another ice cold micro brew.

What about the age old fav? Simple, I know, but done well fries and some aoli is pretty hard to go past. Hot, crispy, salty potato goodness.


Perhaps it is because it was cold when we were in Japan and autumn is very much upon us here, but the edamame or fries for me as both are warm or hot in the case of the fries. When the weather warms up again, maybe I’ll err back towards the seaweed snacks?!

What have you found in your travels which you’d say make the world’s best beer snack?





One thought on “World’s best beer snacks”

  1. Dan, Dan, Dan. Check. And Mate. You do know I’m holidaying in Portugal and Spain, where everything (including breakfast apparently) is a beer snack? Better get to and post when I’m back at the computer…

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